Federal Child Pornography Offenses – Report to Congress

This report is the result of a multi-year process in which the United States Sentencing Commission (“the Commission”) examined cases of offenders sentenced under the federal sentencing guidelines and corresponding penal statutes concerning child pornography offenses.

The purpose of this report is to contribute to the ongoing assessment by Congress and the various stakeholders in the federal criminal justice system regarding how federal child pornography offenders are prosecuted, sentenced, incarcerated, and supervised following their reentry into the community.

This report complements and expands upon the Commission’s 2009 report, History of the Child Pornography Guidelines. The 2009 report chronicled the federal non-production child pornography guidelines from their inception through 2009. In particular, it tracked all substantive amendments made to those guidelines, several of which resulted from congressional directives to the Commission or other legislation.

The most significant amendments to the guidelines resulted from the PROTECT Act of 2003, which also created new statutory mandatory minimum statutory penalties for most child pornography offenses.

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