American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Colloquium

The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, the nation’s premier interdisciplinary child abuse organization, has announced its 2015 Colloquium to be held in Boston July 22-25.

The APSAC Colloquium offers learning and professional development opportunities for professionals who serve children and families affected by child maltreatment and violence. The institutes and workshops offered throughout the Colloquium address all aspects of child maltreatment including prevention, assessment, intervention and treatment with victims, perpetrators, and families affected by physical, sexual, and psychological abuse and neglect.

Here are some highlights of particular interest to child welfare lawyers:

Day-long pre-conference sessions by nationally renowned experts

★  Rob Parrish, JD & Lori Fraiser, MD, The Whole Truth About Abusive Head Trauma

★  Paul Stern, JD & Julie Kenniston, LISW Forensic Interviewing Institute:

  • Part I: The Link Between Forensic Interviews and Children’s Testimony in Sexual Abuse and Criminal Violence Cases
  • Part II: The Child Has Done Her Part, Now It’s Your Turn

★  Dr. Ira Chasnoff, The Mystery of Risk: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy and the Vulnerable Child

Plenary sessions presented by two of the nation’s leading researchers in child maltreatment

★  Murray Straus, PhD, Concordance and Discordance between Parents in Child Maltreatment

★  David Finkelhor, PhD, “Juvenoia” and Other Irrational Biases That Impede Progress in Child Protection

You can visit to register now.

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