EFF Joins the Child Exploitation Bandwagon

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is representing the Internet Archive in a fight against a Washington state law designed to prevent child sex trafficking. EFF, which bills itself as “Defending Your Rights in the Digital World, is a Washington, DC special interest group and long-time supporter of near absolute Internet “freedom.”


This article in the august National Law Journal provides a good overview of the case. What the article doesn’t tell you is that the new plaintiff in the Washington litigation (which was brought by cyber-pimp Backpage.com and Village Voice Media Holdings), the Internet Archive, shares a board member with EFF, Brewster Kahle. No conflict of interest there.

It’s also curious that the newly minted plaintiff, Internet Archive, is funded by the American people through “institutional support” from the National Science Foundation and the Library of Congress. Your tax dollars hard at work defending child exploitation and internet child pornography!

EFF, which is funded by child exploitation profiteers such as craigslist, also deserves a closer look.

The EFF board sports the co-founder of the cyber-whitewash / conflict of interest laden Berkman Center, Jonathan Zittrain (I’ve written about them before here and here.

In addition, the “builder and grower” of the greatest child pornography distribution system the world has ever known (USENET), Brad Templeton, also sits on EFF’s board.

The pro-porn ACLU also has a board member, Pamela $amuelson, who brought her former employer the MacArthur Foundation to EFF as a major donor.

EFF board member John Gilmore “co-created” the other major child porn distribution network, the Internet’s “alt” newsgroups.

Topping it all of is Lorrie Faith Cranor, who boasts of her expert testimony “challenging the constitutionality of Internet harmful to minor laws.”

EFF is almost a child exploitation enterprise (or at least their front group and richly funded free legal counsel).

Clearly, a lot of jobs, profits and honorifics are invested in keeping child exploitation free from government regulation with EFF and its cronies leading the charge.

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