Shopping for Change

Lest everyone think that we’re all just a bunch of Communistic satanic haters over here, I share a bright spot amongst all the darkness. A big gold star to Lindsay Giambattista who leveraged her talent for shopping and teen fashion savvy into a place where foster kids can feel some love.

Lindsay, age 17, oversees a boutique offering clothing to girls in foster care, handling $1 million worth of donated apparel last year from designers, retailers and people from as far away as Tokyo.

The idea started snowballing after Lindsay looked at 10 trash bags filled with her own rejects and decided it wasn’t enough. She reached out to friends and relatives, and the word spread.

Taylor’s Closet, named after Lindsay’s sister who died at birth, now serves about 300 young women in the Fort Lauderdale area, each getting up to six garments a month. Girls in the foster care system, or who recently left it after turning 18, are invited.

And to this born-again girl, who is living out her faith in an honest and positive way, I say you are truly a pearl among the swine. Good job Lindsay. May many others learn from your example.

1 Reply to "Shopping for Change"

  • KenS
    March 11, 2008 (11:01 am)

    This is one of the best ‘humanitarian’ things I have heard in a while. Props to Lindsay.