Global Corruption in the Global Village

The Joint Council on International Children’s Services has a worldwide reach into some of the darkest corners of the child trafficking industry. Apparently so does Masha Allen’s not-really adoption agency unless you believe Deborah Spivack, Families thru International Adoption.

A concerned reader of this blog recently forwarded a large number of emails purportedly from FTIA’s [CENSORED] Senior Coordinator [CENSORED].

In these emails from 2006, [CENSORED] details her close relationship with longtime JCICS past-president and board member Deb Murphy-Scheumann.

In a message which begins “How did I get myself into this mess?” [CENSORED] outlines her wide-ranging interaction with what she calls “the Indian mafia” network and their control of orphanages in India.

When asked if “they” are “going down for their crimes” of child trafficking, [CENSORED] responds:

Usually no….and if so, not for long. They are far too powerful and usually able to pay their way out of jail and then they are back at business. They are also connected with some really powerful people in govt and business. And I can’t even begin to tell you the truly disgusting things they are involved in…that’s another chapter in itself…

Discussing her connections to JS Bhasin, director of a rogue Indian adoption agency, [CENSORED] remarks:

I’ve made light of it all these years but to truly realize that my instincts/intuitions were accurate and that I was THAT close to them, to their evil…how involved I became, and and how significant they really are…is scary.”

But alas, international adoption must go on albeit at any cost. [CENSORED] continues:

There was one very high-powered business man in Pune that was a true humanitarian and was working with one orphanage in Pune and we met and were intending to work together. We met with him twice (this was a 1 1/2 yrs ago) and he was intending to visit us next time he was in the states (he traveled often). Before that had a chance to happen, my Indian Assistant Harshal called me a few months ago and told me that this guy was killed because he was trying to open an orphanage but would not join their network

[CENSORED] then relates a bizarre scenario in which Murphy-Scheumann was apparently poisoned by an orphanage director for knowing too much:

I briefed Deb on all of this so that when she traveled with me, she knew to be careful, but she is so not delicate and we were in a meeting with one of them (I’ll include the CNN article about him in the next email.) at his home in Delhi. I was very cautious as I suspected he was in the network, but we had been working with him for a year. I sat in the meetings and only talked about our work but would not get into any other topics but he continued to ask questions that had nothing to do with our work. I said nothing but Deb didn’t get the subtle cues and started talking and there was no way I could shut her up…I guess I hadn’t quite impressed Deb, and she sat there chattering away, and then she mentioned she was director of JCICS in the US and they intended to go after these people…I honestly thought I wasn’t going to leave his house alive…I could feel the sweat running down my sides as I was watching this guys expression as he was taking in information…

I KNOW…this sounds like a crime novel!

So, we had to catch our flight back to the US but KP asked if he could offer us something to drink before we departed, and I just had this feeling that I should not…so I politely refused and he would not let up, and Deb eventually accepted…hmmmm…and after that trip she was hospitalized and her health gone down ever since and still today Dr’s can not figure out what to do for her. All they know is that she somehow contracted something in India that is slowly destroying her lungs & immune system…she is either in bed at home, or in the hospital on a ventilator…

Poor poisoned Deb. And poor crusading [CENSORED]. But international adoption does come at a price and the child-saving must go on:

When I told [CENSORED] a few days ago, he asked if I was ready to admit that Deb was ill because these guys don’t mess around and asked when I was going to change jobs…

In some ways I wish I would have taken that [Rogues?] Gallery job…on the other hand…I feel like I can’t just turn away at this point either…

[CENSORED] closes her missive with this observation:

In the end, what pisses me off…and the reason I can’t seem to let it go…is that the baby-buying is all SO un-necessary. The tragedy is that India has far too many orphans…but these people realized early on that fair-skinned newborns are a very lucrative commodity…and they know how to get their hands on them…depraved…

The next day, [CENSORED] provides this shocking update:

I feel rather numb…If you either read the first article and/or look at the first video, you’ll see mention of Joginder Kaurshe worked with us for years…we gave over $150K to their organization (which I now suspect went into their own pockets…we’re talking serious dollar value in India!!!) Anyway, I spent countless days in India with her, and 3-4 days at their rural orphanage/birthmother home and she visited us in the US twice (we organized walk-a-thons, ect…)

Coming soon, details about FTIA’s relationship with Ellie Skeele and the Nepalese orphanage Community Child Rescue Centre! Until then, keep the emails coming folks.

P.S. Deb, [CENSORED], since I know you are reading this please fill us in on “the truly disgusting things they are involved in” lest our readers let their ever vivid imaginations run wild…

5 Replies to "Global Corruption in the Global Village"

  • Anonymous
    March 3, 2008 (8:00 pm)

    What’s up with the “censored”? Were you threatened?

    Very scary information. Same stuff that is said about Russia.

  • Roelie Post
    March 4, 2008 (11:08 am)

    Quite a story.

    I had my own bad experience with Deb Schneumann and Lynn Wetterberg when they were so fiercefully lobbying to keep Romania open. And then to try and reopen it. Nothing was too much. Romania was not allowed to move on, to develop. No, the children in FTIA’s children home needed to go home – to the US – their tickets had already been paid. The methods used and the powers these people have on politicians is incredible.

    Deb and Lynn, I hope you’ve read my book… you are all in, UNCENSORED as are so many others (Bush, Powel, Prodi, Berlusconi, Frattini, Raffarin, US Senators, Members of the European Parliament, a Prince – the sky was the limit when pushing for adoptions…

    But there were also some standing at the right side, like Sweden’s Queen Silvia;

    here a quote from my book:

    ‘Queen Silvia opened the conference by reminding the audience of Sweden’s history. Sweden had in 100 years moved from a relatively poor country to one of the richest countries of Europe. A hundred years before, Sweden had had 400 children’s homes and many children were placed for adoption, including intercountry adoption to…? Latvia. It was when women were given equal rights and support for single mothers became available, that children’s homes could be closed. Hardly any Swedish children were adopted nowadays. Instead Sweden had become the European country with the highest number of children adopted from abroad. Turning to the rest of the world, the Queen said there were too many children in residential care and she especially mentioned Guatemala, Romania and Russia. Some were orphans (Africa), some had parents, but were abandoned because of drugs, alcohol or poverty. The Queen advocated for social support and training. Instead of institutions, foster care and family-type homes were the solutions.’

    She did not say those children should be derooted, taken out of their country.
    Helping children has nothing to do with the current competitive adoption market that has, at the very least, some very nasty side effects.
    Not only it attracts nasty people… it incites abandonment, sometimes children are literally stolen. And there is no follow up whatsoever. Masha can testify on that, and how many other Masha’s are there – who were not found (yet).

    BUT: this adoption business also fully hampers the development of a just social system and that is in my opinion just as big a crime.

  • Chuck
    April 13, 2008 (3:23 am)

    Want dirt on Ellie Skeele? Contact me…

  • Verlie Gruesbeck
    May 16, 2008 (12:21 am)

    Who is Chuck? I want to know more about Ellie Skeele. How can I reach him?

  • Anonymous
    May 18, 2008 (7:05 pm)

    one can always pull up the cached version to see the post.

    And yes, who the heck is “Chuck” ?? Obviously someone just out to stir things up.