Judge Overturns 6-Year-Old’s Expulsion Over Touching

A Philadelphia judge has ruled that a kindergartner should not have been expelled from a charter school because he allegedly touched his teacher’s thighs.

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Paul P. Panepinto, writing an opinion explaining his decision to the Commonwealth Court May 23, said that, on the record before him, no reasonable person would have reached the same decision as the First Philadelphia Charter School for Literacy’s Board of Trustees to expel a student who allegedly touched his teacher’s legs after she complained that they hurt.

The decision to expel the kindergartner was arbitrary, capricious and prejudicial to the public interest and was a gross abuse of discretion, Panepinto said.

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1 Reply to "Judge Overturns 6-Year-Old's Expulsion Over Touching"

  • Michael
    July 7, 2011 (1:35 am)

    The teacher did what she had to do. If the child had made a complaint regarding teacher not stopping him from touching then she would had been labeled as a pedophile. School authorities might have notified the parents about this. A few days of expulsion is considerate and should not create any misunderstandings. This is to make sure that this thing never happens again even as a prank.