Masha’s Story – The Reaction Continues

Disney World Girl

Disney World Girl, earlier known as Internet Girl or Internet Porn Girl, is the term originally used for a young girl named Masha who appeared in over 200 sexually explicit images, usually under the name “vicky,” that circulated for several years among pedophiles on the Internet. Police feared she was still being abused in the manner depicted.

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2 Replies to "Masha's Story - The Reaction Continues"

  • Anonymous
    September 19, 2006 (2:30 pm)


    “There have been some negative impacts of Masha’s law that one should consider and are a reminder of the hysteria that ruined many innocent peoples lives in the 70’s and 80’s.

    A recent client of mine had child pornography down loaded on his computer that was not done by him but that he had knowledge was on his computer (although he never downloaded viewed it or tried to distributed it, he will still be found guilty of possessing child pornography). He tried to delete these horrific images and videos but his computer was so messed up that he could not.

    He never used the computer shortly after the incident but kept it in his house because he did not think it was a legal problem and never knew how the images got on his machine – in hindsight he should have thrown this computer into the Hudson river, but still had the hope of recovering some important (non-illegal files from the machine).

    Two years later, the Fed’s raid his home and seize all of his computers saying they have his credit card records showing he downloaded child pornography (even though this was done with his stolen credit card it does not matter, the law states that as long as he had it on his machine and new about it he is guilty of possession of child pornography whether it was done with his stolen credit card or whether he did it himself, so stolen credit card is no defence under the federal legislation inspired by Masha’s law).

    Now an innocent man who has never done anything to a child nor viewed or attempted to distribute child pornography is facing up to 5-years in a Federal institution.

    This poor guy had a very successful life and is one of the kindest person I know (he coached by kids softball team and I can tell you from knowing him for many years that he would never harm a sole, let alone a child – the guy won’t even hurt a fly!).

    Unfortunately there is a strong probability that his life and his family’s life ruined forever because of this terrible Federal law that was inspired by Masha’s terrible experience.

    A similar case where child pornography was downloaded on peoples computers using stolen credit cards known as “operation site-key” resulted in the arrest of at least 100 people in the UK for similar “crimes” most of which they were not guilty of. 40 of these 100 people committed suicide because they new that even though they were innocent, they could never prove it in court and they would forever be labelled as paedophiles.

    This is what happens when draconian laws result from spectacular cases instead of common sense logic.

    This reminds me of the early and current days related to the war on drugs. Prosecute the demanders not the suppliers so that supply will be reduced. The result was higher drug prices, more drug usage and prisons over crowded with drug offenders that were then furloughing violent crime offenders (and probably some paedophiles to make room for the drug users).

    We need to be very careful to not only make sure we prosecute the guilty, but more importantly, set up laws that allow the government to prosecute potential offenders regardless of their guilt or innocence.

  • George D Henderson
    December 29, 2007 (6:00 am)

    Come on. You would have to be pretty stupid to commit suicide knowing you were innocent, before you even went to trial. I don’t know your friend (I think) but his story sounds convenient – if his card was stolen, how come the bought porn ended up on his computer? That’s impossible, and if you’ve ever tried to buy porn online you’ll understand why. Bought porn can’t get saved to a computer accidentally. If the card theif broke into his house and used his computer maybe – but why would they do that?
    I agree with you on one thing – his curiosity about this material is NO clue that he is or could ever be a child molester in real life. Confusing thought crimes with real crimes just because they’re both icky is lazy thinking. It’s a pity your friend lives in a world where lazy thinking about icky subjects is the norm.