New Year’s Resolutions 2012

Like everyone else on the planet, I’ve been publishing more and more content on the much-maligned Facebook. If you really want to absorb each and everything I publish, flag, highlight, champion, condemn, etc., then please join the Marsh Law Firm Facebook page. There’s lots of good stuff there which I routinely post throughout the day when a full-blown blog entry, commentary and analysis isn’t warranted or, more likely, when I don’t have enough time to delve into the issue.

If you don’t have Facebook or completely despise and eschew the site (perhaps based on my oft-repeated warnings and criticisms), then you can follow my Facebook postings by subscribing to my Twitter feed. Everything which I post on Facebook gets reduced to a tweet where you can just click on the link and view the content NFBR. (no Facebook required).

If you hate Facebook and don’t know a Tweet from a Quack (no comments please), then you can join my LinkedIn page and receive a great deal of the content which I Tweet and Facebook. LinkedIn also has feeds which you can follow and both my Blog and Facebook page are accessible from my LinkedIn profile.

If you are so incredibly old-school that neither Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn has captured your time and attention (and you can identify and use a 2400 baud dial-up modem), then you can follow this blog’s post via RSS. You can also follow the blog’s comments via RSS.

Finally, if none of the above appeal to you, then you can always subscribe or stay subscribed to this blog via email. Whether via AOL or Gmail, good old email is probably here to stay at least for another year.

The best way to tie all this together is via TweetDeck (which will aggregate all your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds in one customizable page, but not RSS) and this great little program called Desktop Google Reader which will aggregate all your RSS feeds. TweetDeck is also available on the iPhone. An app called Reeder does a great job handling RSS feeds on the iPhone.

So, although you may want to run from our numerous mutli-faceted never-ceasing blogs, Tweets and FBs, you can never really hide. Maybe by next year we’ll be GooglePlus-ing. Then we’ll really have you.

Wishing everyone health, peace and contentment in the coming year. Now Tweet that for a change!

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