NYTimes: Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Psychosis Drugs for Young

Now just imagine if this child were in foster care (a topic I have written about frequently on this blog).

At 18 months, Kyle Warren started taking a daily antipsychotic drug on the orders of a pediatrician trying to quell the boy’s severe temper tantrums.

Thus began a troubled toddler’s journey from one doctor to another, from one diagnosis to another, involving even more drugs. Autism, bipolar disorder, hyperactivity, insomnia, oppositional defiant disorder. The boy’s daily pill regimen multiplied: the antipsychotic Risperdal, the antidepressant Prozac, two sleeping medicines and one for attention-deficit disorder. All by the time he was 3.

He was sedated, drooling and overweight from the side effects of the antipsychotic medicine. Although his mother, Brandy Warren, had been at her “wit’s end” when she resorted to the drug treatment, she began to worry about Kyle’s altered personality. “All I had was a medicated little boy,” Ms. Warren said. “I didn’t have my son. It’s like, you’d look into his eyes and you would just see just blankness.”

More than 500,000 children and adolescents in America are now taking antipsychotic drugs, according to a September 2009 report by the Food and Drug Administration. Their use is growing not only among older teenagers, when schizophrenia is believed to emerge, but also among tens of thousands of preschoolers.

A Columbia University study recently found a doubling of the rate of prescribing antipsychotic drugs for privately insured 2- to 5-year-olds from 2000 to 2007. Only 40 percent of them had received a proper mental health assessment, violating practice standards from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Read the entire story here on the New York Times website.

1 Reply to "NYTimes: Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Psychosis Drugs for Young"

  • Sean P. Rice
    November 10, 2010 (2:17 pm)

    As an experiment, go to your local hospital and claim that you want to commit suicide. Do it on a Friday.

    You’ll get a 10 minute interview with an alleged psychologist and a pill and prescription.

    The psychologist will have you ALL figured out in a ten minute interview… and THEN they get to see the next patient. 9 am – 5 pm and a nice house in the ‘burbs as long as they can MOVE patients through.

    YOU want answers for your kids? Psychologist HAS them, backed by DSM-IV in white, blue, yellow, oblong, circular pills.


    The law will NOT attack the sanctity of medicine. What has been approved by peers and codified into a diagnostic “manual” CANNOT be impeached.