International Perspective on Public Access to Juvenile Proceedings

Longtime contributer to this blog and internationally known social work expert Daniel Pollack has just published a fascinating article in the International Social Work Journal entitled Opening Juvenile Proceedings to the Public and the Media: An international Social Work Perspective.

According to Professor Pollack, for youth offenders around the world, any contact with their country’s juvenile justice system is serious business. In this concise legal note, Pollack discusses whether there should be a presumption that juvenile proceedings to be open or closed to the public and the media. Similarly, the article challenges the reader to consider how we balance society’s general desire for openness with a child’s and the juvenile justice system’s desire for confidentiality.

Daniel Pollack, MSW, JD is full professor at Yeshiva University School of Social Work in New York City and is a frequent expert witness and contributer to this blog.

For a copy of this article, please contact Professor Pollack at (212) 960-0836 or by email.

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