Pregnant by God or Blessed for Adoption?

First there was adoption music, then adoption sermons, even adoption recipes, jewelry and an ISP. is a virtual adoption marketplace; everything adoption is for sale except the children.

Then the National Center for Lesbian Rights sued for discriminating against same-sex couples.

The lawsuit alleges that among other for-profit services, permits prospective adoptive parents to post their personal profiles in hopes of connecting with potential birth mothers. They will not, however, permit same-sex couples to post their profiles.

Now adoption art has surfaced on the website which provides interesting insight. From God’s Hands, To My Hands, To Yours is an “adoption fine art reprint” (now on sale) depicting a bearded god blessing the relinquishment of a cherubic baby from a smiling teenage girl to a loving Anglo Saxon heterosexual couple.

The original art by Dan Lewis is ranked one star by the majority of purchasers, most of whom found it offensive. Not to worry, however, adoption DNA testing, also available at, should resolve any issues about the angelic birth depicted in From God’s Hands. If only the Kenyan miracle babies had this testing. Gilbert Deya would soon be out of business! (See Children’s Law Blog entry Pregnant by Jesus or Abducted for Adoption).

No word from’s content providers which include the well-respected National Center for Adoption Law & Policy and Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute

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