Pregnant by Jesus or Abducted for Adoption?

The story of Gilbert Deya, and his “miracle” babies, was first aired on the BBC Radio 4’s Face the Facts. Apparently women are traveling from the UK to Nairobi to give “birth” to children in slum clinics.

According to a BBC investigation, Kenyan-born Deya prays over the childless women, some post-menopausal, and they are pronounced pregnant by Jesus. One woman gave birth every four months to a total of eleven children. Talk about faith-based initiatives!

When the British authorities did DNA tests on one of the “miracle” babies, however, the child was found to have no link to the alleged mother. The church itself says it is not surprised that the babies don’t share their parents’ DNA because they don’t come from their parents but from God.

“Kenya is actually a country where you can buy babies,” says Millie Odhiambo of The Cradle, a legal rights organization. She says poor adoption procedures, combined with corruption and poverty, are to blame.

“The information that we are receiving is that the lighter-skinned the child is, the more expensive the child.”

In Kenya, the front-page picture of the children seized from the homes of the British parents offered a ray of hope to more than 50 couples. Children they had given up for dead may actually be alive.

Meanwhile in Sierra Leone three people have been arrested and charged with smuggling 29 children to the United States for adoption.

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