Severe Abuse of Adopted Children

In response to troubling issues identified by the Office of the Family and Children’s Ombudsman (OFCO) concerning cases of severe child abuse and neglect of adopted children, Washington state Governor Gregoire requested that Children’s Administration (CA) and OFCO convene a workgroup to examine these issues and make recommendations to improve the adoption process and protect children.

Members of the workgroup represent various professions and organizations including: Children’s Administration; private child placing agencies who conduct domestic and international adoptions; the Office of the Attorney General; the court; public defense attorneys; the Governor’s Office; researchers; and medical professionals.

The workgroup conducted a thorough review of the adoption process with formal presentations discussing the following topics: Case Reviews of Incidents of Severe Abuse of Adopted Children & Common Elements; Legal Framework – International Convention, Federal and State Laws and Regulations Governing Adoptions and Child Placing Agencies; International Adoption Process; Domestic Adoption Process; Foster Care Adoption Process; Adoption Home Studies and Post Placement Reports; Medical Perspective on Child Maltreatment including Starvation; and a Summary of Research on Adoption Attachment and Abuse. Additionally, co-chairs Revels Robinson and Meinig met with representatives from private adoption agencies throughout Washington state.

Severe Abuse of Adopted Children Report 9 27 2012 (2)

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