Sotomayor on Child Porn – U.S. v. Falso

David FalsoJudge Sotomayor’s ruling in this recently decided child pornography case might be an issue in her upcoming confirmation hearing. The defendant, Jon David Falso (shown at right), is also the first target in our firm’s effort to seek civil damages for victims of child pornography utilizing Masha’s Law, the legislation we helped create in 2006. A civil trial is scheduled for February 2010. The defendent’s attorney in our case vows a fight to the Supreme Court possibly giving a newly confirmed Justice Sotomayor another chance to consider the case of confessed and convicted child pornographer Jon David Falso.

1 Reply to "Sotomayor on Child Porn - U.S. v. Falso"

  • philip gelman
    June 9, 2009 (10:09 am)

    Wherein lies the rule of law. Somewhere in this miasma of probable causation should be the kernal that stops this judge from advancing to “higher ground”. Rulings like these and others in the past do not appear to be in this nation’s best interests. I also emenated from that so-called netherworld -“The South Bronx”, and while I am impressed with anyone who overcomes the daily pull of poverty and moves upward on the educational and economic chain, I cannot see how our Senators, when presented with the raw facts of this and other decisions, can rule favorably on appointment.