Support NY Sex Abuse Victim Justice!

According to Law Professor Marci Hamilton:

Jewish and Catholic clergy are squaring off over legislation in New York State to reform statute of limitation laws for childhood sexual abuse. In this case, let’s root for the rabbis – because if they win, the real winners will be victims who have been foreclosed from seeking justice against their perpetrators for far too many years.

The bill in question is the Child Victims Act. Scheduled to shortly go before the New York state Legislature, it would extend the statutes of limitations by five years for child sex abuse prosecution and civil claims. Further, it would also open a one-year “window” to allow victims whose time for going to court had previously expired because of the limitations to re-enter the justice system and file claims during this set period.

California and Delaware recently enacted legislation that has revealed almost 400 new child predators.

When the victims name the adults who made the abuse happen, and courts order
the release of evidence and documents that have shielded the ugly truth from the people, New Yorkers can finally protect children from the dangerous and the callous.

All concientious New York citizens should write a letter to their State Representative and State Senator supporting the Child Victims Act: Assembly Bill A.2596 / Senate Bill S.2568 without amendment.

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