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Prosecutors Move to Seize House in Child Pornography Case

Prosecutors in the Eastern District of Kentucky don't just want to put Joseph Robert Leitner in prison for years. The federal government wants his house. Leitner, 62, pleaded guilty last week to charges that he possessed more than 30,000 images of child pornography, and he agreed to give up his home in the Chevy Chase subdivision of Lexington, court records show. The property forfeiture marked the first time that prosecutors in the Eastern District of Kentucky have seized a home in a child pornography investigation. The forfeiture of houses more often occurs in drug prosecutions. “He used his house as a protective shield to allow his ...

XOb (Child Rape = 1 Year Imprisonment)

Legislators call for DA's removal after OK pedophile gets 1 year in jail in plea deal for raping a 4 year old girl Link

Sotomayor on Child Porn – U.S. v. Falso

Judge Sotomayor's ruling in this recently decided child pornography case might be an issue in her upcoming confirmation hearing. The defendant, Jon David Falso (shown at right), is also the first target in our firm's effort to seek civil damages for victims of child pornography utilizing Masha's Law, the legislation we helped create in 2006. A civil trial is scheduled for February 2010. The defendent's attorney in our case vows a fight to the Supreme Court possibly giving a newly confirmed Justice Sotomayor another chance to consider the case of confessed and convicted child pornographer Jon David Falso.

XOb (Rabbi Yosef Blau)

Blunt & honest interview with pioneering child sex abuse Rabbi Yosef Blau hero of the Jewish community Link

Support NY Sex Abuse Victim Justice!

According to Law Professor Marci Hamilton: Jewish and Catholic clergy are squaring off over legislation in New York State to reform statute of limitation laws for childhood sexual abuse. In this case, let's root for the rabbis - because if they win, the real winners will be victims who have been foreclosed from seeking justice against their perpetrators for far too many years. The bill in question is the Child Victims Act. Scheduled to shortly go before the New York state Legislature, it would extend the statutes of limitations by five years for child sex abuse prosecution and civil claims. Further, it would also open a one-year "window" to allow ...

Express Observation (Pedo-Polanski Whitewash)

Great piece on Salon.com called Whitewashing Roman Polanski on why pedo-Polanski should not be given leniency Link

A New Frontier for Victims of Child Pornography

Lest anyone think that all I do is sit around and pontificate all day, our law firm has actual clients with some groundbreaking issues. Yesterday, a federal judge in Bridgeport, Connecticut established a "new frontier" in favor of exploited children when he ordered a wealthy former Pfizer executive to pay about $200,000 to our client, a girl whose images the executive had obtained through the Internet from another collector of child pornography. The ruling, the first of its kind in the country, comes against Alan Hesketh, a man who downloaded, viewed and traded child pornography, but had no actual contact with any of the victims. Since October, ...