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Online Abuse of Girls Starts at Home

Unlike the Harvard Law School Berkman Center cyber white wash from earlier this year, a recent American Academy of Pediatrics scientific study found that a history of childhood abuse and a provocative online identity increase the risk of Internet exploitation for girls. The the study's objective was to determine the risk factors for Internet-initiated victimization of female adolescents. The researchers found that abused girls were significantly more likely to have experienced online sexual advances and to have met someone offline. Having been abused and choosing a provocative avatar were significantly and independently associated with online sexual ...

XOb (MySpace Privacy)

MySpace content not private - CA Appeals Court rules blog can be republished in newspaper without invading privacy Link

XOb (Facebook Criticism of Teacher)

Facebook criticism of teacher results in FL student's suspension for cyber-bullying harassment & ACLU lawsuit Link

ExOb (We are Big Brother)

Orwell never predicted Facebook as Big Brother: the law encounters online Evidence in an Age of Self-Surveillance Link

Fox News Gives us our Street Creds

Now that this round of the Facebook debate is over, it's time to take our bows and acknowledge our creds, aptly supplied by none other than Fox News. According to FoxNews.com reporter Jana Winter (who actually reads this blog): "Companies get into trouble when they try to move that content beyond the four corners of their service -- that's what Facebook tried to do -- and use content for commercial exploits," said James R. Marsh, a lawyer who writes ChildLaw Blog, which first posted news of Facebook's TOS change late last month. In the extreme, he said, "They can take little Susie's pictures on the beach to Playboy, who then has their own license ...

Facebook Fracas Finally for Real – NYT, Forbes, NPR joins Childlaw

Give us some props, you heard it here first. Facebook's controversial Terms of Use, revealed by ChildLaw on January 30th and discussed again on February 6, was headline news in today's New York Times, National Public Radio and Forbes, among many other media outlets. Apparently a blog called The Consumerist is getting all the credit for breaking this story, but we all know better. Childlaw had them all scooped by two weeks, even picking up on the recent TOU change on February 4, 2009. Apparently now Facebook continues to own your content even after you've deleted your account, died and gone to Heaven (or Hell - you know who you are). So, gentle ...

Express Observation (Facebook Sells your Soul)

In respose to my blog Facebook expands its Terms of Use to cover your soul. The man is watching. See my comment at Link