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XOb (USSC Decision: Safford v. Redding)

News Alert: in a surprising decision Supreme Court ruled today that school strip-search of student was unconstitutional - more on this soon

XOb (MySpace First Amendment Rights for Students)

1st Amendment rights for high school student MySpace parody sites create district court split - 3rd Cir to resolve Link

Strip Searching is IN Sexting is OUT

Apparently strip searching is IN and sexting is OUT. Students take heed: adult school administrators have the Constitutional right to force you to remove your bra, panties and boxers anytime for almost any reason, but if you take a cell phone picture of it, you can be charged with producing child pornography with a ten year mandatory minimum in the federal pen. Yesterday the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in a case we've been following since last summer, Safford Unified School District v. Redding, No. 08-479. Early indications are that the Court will follow its traditional pattern in cases involving schools and drugs by giving school ...

XOb (USSC Preview: Safford v. Redding)

Safford v. Redding U.S. Supreme Court preview - legality of middle school student strip search for ibuprofen Link

XOb (Middle School Strip Search)

Case Update: How to Strip Search a Middle School Student heads to the Supreme Court Link

The Circle School v. Pappert

Pennsylvania law mandates that all public, private, and parochial schools display the national flag in every classroom and provide for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance or the national anthem at the beginning of each school day. Like similar statutes in other states, the law allows private and parochial schools to opt out of its requirements on religious grounds, and gives students the option of refraining from participating in the recitation and saluting the national flag on religious or personal grounds. However, it also requires school supervising officials to notify, in writing, parents or guardians of those students who have declined ...