US Human Rights Violation: Kairi Sheperd

Indian girl Kairi Sheperd was adopted by an American woman 30 years ago, but she is now a homeless and a stateless international orphan.

Even though Kairi was legally adopted 30 years ago when she was 3 months old, the United States wants to dump Kairi on India, claiming that she was never properly adopted.

A quirk in US law denies Kairi the right to become a US citizen even though she was legally adopted under US law.

India’s robust press, TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, debates the issue with Dr. Michelle Harrison, founder, Shishur Sevay, Anjali Pawar, founder & Director, SAKEE NGO, Ravi Batra, Senior Advocate and Capt Sushil Bhan.

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For more information read Who is Kairi Sheperd? here and at PoundPupLegacy

In addition, here is an in depth profile of Kairi in India America Today.

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