Welcome Back

Welcome to our Children’s Law Blog! After numerous attempts over the past year to find an acceptable blogging solution, we have finally launched the latest edition of MovableType’s excellent blogging software. This site will feature commentary, analysis and insights into the emerging issues of children and the law. We will feature daily case law summaries and breaking news on a variety of topics. Check back often for the latest updates!

1 Reply to "Welcome Back"

  • Anonymous
    September 8, 2004 (1:36 pm)

    You write about countless attempts across these many months of your internal links to the blog remaining broken as though that was more acceptable than the blog you had running resulting in the current ‘blog.’

    The term “acceptable” is not one of great distinction so the question is begged, what makes the common and previously used unacceptable?

    Obviously you wanted something that could be passed off as a blog, but that isn’t really a blog as it is commonly understood to be. Perhaps this is a diary, but it’s not ordinary and my concern might be addressed by the license requirements which I don’t have time to study.

    What is clear though is that blogging has a very low priority for you, that the recent entries apparently have been stripped of all the commentary previously shown from many readers whose trust in posting and following up on there posts has been breached even if for some you wish to discourage further contributions.

    Since the last post you could of fathered a child already born by now given that we are on the eve of the fourth trimester. Yet all you have done is repost the old entries devoid of the comments suggesting that new comments will be subject to viewpoint suppression which I hope you will prove to be not the case even though I rarely enjoy being wrong about such things despite keeping hope alive regardless as now.