100 Year Old Pedophile Back in Prison

Last December, I covered the story of Theodore Sypnier, a 100-year-old child molester who was released from prison denying that he ever harmed any children. Well apparently he believed in what he said so much that he violated parole and was returned to the clink for failing to attend sex offender classes.

This just in from SkunkPost.com:

It isn’t every day that a 100-year-old man is sentenced to prison.

But not too many 100-year-old men are convicted pedophiles.

Theodore Sypnier is. You may remember, last year when he was released from prison and sent to a halfway house in Buffalo it sparked a huge controversy….including concern he would molest again. His own daughter…who says he molested her as a child… was among those who expressed that concern.

Well, no one needs to worry about that….possibly ever again. Today Sypnier was sentenced to two more years in prison….and since he’ll be nearly 103 by then….chances are very good this amounts to a life sentence.

Why is he going back? Fortunately, not for committing another crime. Instead, he violated his parole. He refused to attend sex offender classes. That refusal shouldn’t have come as a surprise…since Sypnier insisted he never molested any children and didn’t need any counseling.

On the other hand, police say he molested children for decades in Buffalo and the Town of Tonawanda. He was first convicted of a sex crime in 1978, and his most recent sentence was for molesting two young Tonawanda girls when he was 90.

Thank goodness for the power of one’s own convictions. Hopefully this time Sypnier’s sentence will be for life.

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