School Captured 56,000 Images from Student Laptops

Finally the truth about Lower Merion’s use of remote monitoring software on student laptops: On Monday, the District’s lawyer admitted that the school system captured 56,000 images of students, although thankfully “none of the images appeared to be salacious or inappropriate.”

Back in February, the District’s website declared that they only activated the software to locate lost, stolen or missing laptops: “The district has not used the tracking feature or webcam for any other purpose or in any other manner whatsoever,” the Web site said.

Conclusion: there must be an awfully lot of missing laptops in the richest school district in Pennsylvania and one of the richest school districts in the country. Actually, maybe that’s how everyone is getting so rich. They’re fencing school laptops! This gives the story a whole new angle.

Let’s see, there are 1500 students at Lower Marion High School, divided by 56,000 “investigatory images,” means that each student stole about 37 computers. With MacBook Pros running about $1100 each, I’d say that each student in the LMSD received over $40,000 by fencing school computers. Parents with multiple students in high school could be making well into six figures with this scheme, easily offsetting school taxes, payments on luxury autos and mortgages.

And remember those parents who signed a petition demanding that all lawsuits against the school district be dropped? They definitely know they’ve got a good thing going. Why mess it up with a lawsuit which might lead to this scam leaking out?

Let the school peek at whatever they want to. As long as we can keep moving these “lost, stolen or missing” laptops on eBay, the District will be fully justified in capturing tens of thousands of images, the parents will get rich, and all the students at LMSD will keep their fancy cars, homes and vacations.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Why give it away for free by sexting? Make the District work to “recover their lost, stolen or missing” laptops.

(These are high rez images too! Check out this image of Harriton High student Blake Robbins which his parents say was made surreptitiously by a school-issued laptop. No chance that the District will miss one mole on the crooks’ nose with pix like these!)

Lower Marion School District student spy photo
Any kid that has a problem with this set up will get sent to Luzerne County where corrupt judges got cash bribes for sending juvenile delinquents to a private detention facility. From Masha Allen’s adoption by a pedophile, to Luzerne County’s cash for kids, to LMSD’s pedo laptop recovery program – there’s just something about Pennsylvania folks. My advice, keep your webcam’s covered and your doors locked.

For more on this story, check out the Philadelphia Inquirer

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