Facebook Fracas Finally for Real – NYT, Forbes, NPR joins Childlaw

Give us some props, you heard it here first. Facebook’s controversial Terms of Use, revealed by ChildLaw on January 30th and discussed again on February 6, was headline news in today’s New York Times, National Public Radio and Forbes, among many other media outlets.

Apparently a blog called The Consumerist is getting all the credit for breaking this story, but we all know better. Childlaw had them all scooped by two weeks, even picking up on the recent TOU change on February 4, 2009. Apparently now Facebook continues to own your content even after you’ve deleted your account, died and gone to Heaven (or Hell – you know who you are). So, gentle readers of this blog, enjoy all the above links, but then come back here to get the real scoop on what’s up, as it happens, 24/7.

1 Reply to "Facebook Fracas Finally for Real - NYT, Forbes, NPR joins Childlaw"

  • Lauren
    February 22, 2009 (10:57 am)

    I told everyone in the Smith clan that you had it on your blog first!! Do you still fb?