Fox News Gives us our Street Creds

Now that this round of the Facebook debate is over, it’s time to take our bows and acknowledge our creds, aptly supplied by none other than Fox News. According to reporter Jana Winter (who actually reads this blog):

“Companies get into trouble when they try to move that content beyond the four corners of their service — that’s what Facebook tried to do — and use content for commercial exploits,” said James R. Marsh, a lawyer who writes ChildLaw Blog, which first posted news of Facebook’s TOS change late last month.

In the extreme, he said, “They can take little Susie’s pictures on the beach to Playboy, who then has their own license for using it — and you may not even know it. And then what? You’re institutionalizing child pornography.”

Winter’s story, Terms of Enslavement: Web Sites’ Outrageous Service Agreements, delves beyond the sensationalism to the mundane (which in this case is good), to show us just how lawyers-gone-wild are stealing our content, exploiting our images, and encumbering our rights. SHOCK OF THE DAY? MySpace has one of the best TOS. Check it out, keep reading, and sign on the dotted line. . . . and just remember, we wouldn’t do anything with your content that you wouldn’t want us too . . . honestly . . . trust us . . .

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