Restitution for Child Pornography Victim Denied

On Monday, a federal district judge in the Eastern District of Texas issued a memorandum opinion and order denying restitution to a now 20-year-old woman known as “Amy” in the case of a defendant who downloaded and possessed her images.

The Court’s decision is a serious set-back for victims of child pornography like Amy in their effort to obtain just and timely restitution for the ongoing crimes perpetrated against them. How can we, as a country, justify awarding tens of thousands of dollars in damages to record companies for downloading a single song, while criminals who exploit children pay nothing?

For over 30 years, Congress and the Supreme Court have recognized that victims of child pornography experience significant life-long harm by individuals like the defendant in this case who trade and possess images of their rape, abuse and humiliation.

It is now up to Congress, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court to decide this issue in the interest of children like Amy and the American people who have little tolerance for these crimes and the abuse and exploitation of our nation’s young people.

For coverage of this case see the Tyler Morning Telegraph

Further background can be found here.

1 Reply to "Restitution for Child Pornography Victim Denied"

  • Bunita Marcus
    January 9, 2010 (2:59 pm)

    I was a victim of child pornography. Some of my abusers are still alive. I want someone to get them.
    I am 57 years old and have lived a life of hell. I can’t even get disability for the fifteen years I suffered as a child, even though I am disabled by Depression and PTSD and worst of all DID or multiple personality disorder. I have not been able to hold a job ever, so I have no work credits and SSD will not give me disability. I had SSI for ten years. It was absolutely horrible. I will not go there again. I have paid and owe a total of $700,000 trying to get medical help for my disorders. I am intelligent, talented and gifted musically but I can not use my skills because of the trauma I suffered. Can you help?+