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Express Observation (Florida Reform School Justice)

FL gov't reform school survivors file lawsuit from savage sexual abuse & human rights violations in the 50s & 60s Link

Clinical Trials of NYC Foster Children – NYSDOH Coverup Continues

As I editorialized here in 2005, between 1986 and 2001 hundreds of NYC foster children were involuntarily enrolled in medical experiments. Soon after the story broke in the NYT, NYC commissioned a study by the widely respected Vera Institute for Justice. Almost four years later, that long awaited (forgotten?) study was finally released today. After interviewing people familiar with the drug trials, reviewing policy documents, and examining the child welfare files of 796 children, Vera staff identified 532 children who were enrolled in 88 clinical trials and observational research studies. The Vera Report identifies the procedures established to ...

Ethnic Cleansing in America

Americans don’t have to travel to Bosnia, South Africa or the West Bank to appreciate the legacy of ethnic cleansing, apartheid or aboriginal territorial disputes. Those injustices can be found right here at home in New York state. Yesterday, with barely any notice, the United States Supreme Court ruled that land recently purchased by Oneida Indians for economic development on the long recognized Oneida reservation can never again become sovereign Indian land. Invoking high minded but ultimately hollow legal principles like “laches, acquiescence, and impossibility,” the Court found that the national government’s indifference, ...