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Birdman Adoptive Father Stephen Melinger Back in the News

Look who's back! Was it adoption for love? Child trafficking via surrogacy? Or something else? The bizarre case of birdman Stephen Melinger is back in the news, this time in a New York Times article on the perils and pitfalls of surrogacy. Do check out this story in the Times, but just remember from Melinger to womb outsourcing, snowflake adoptions and sperm donor introductions for lesbians, this blog gave you the scoop first.

Snowflake Adoptions

Last year Nightlight Christian Adoptions received a federal grant to promote so called Snowflake (a/k/a embryo) adoptions. The pro-life community views this largely as a means to protect the "life" inherent in every embryo which are commonly used and discarded in assisted reproduction procedures. Nightlight is forging new ground in this area which is largely unregulated and in a legal gray area. Are snowflake "adoptions" really adoptions? Are embryos "property"? Does contract, adoption or estate law govern alone or in combination? Nightlight attempts to answer some of these questions in this FAQ, but raises more questions than answers. What do you ...

Sperm Donor Introductions for Lesbian Couples and Single Women

Okay - close on the heels of Snowflake adoptions we have e-sperm "adoptions." This gives spam a whole new meaning. Be careful ladies when opening any unknown e-mails or you could get more than a virus or worm! Trojan horse comes to mind . . . Seriously now I'm not sure how I feel about this new business model in assisted reproduction. If, as they say, every sperm is sacred - or at least half as sacred as a frozen embryo - then new legal models will have to develop to address e-sperm babies. Or will they? Given the radical nature of internet dating, file sharing and now blogging I forsee a time when you can do "peer-to-peer" sperm donation. Just log ...